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Donald Craig Mitchell, an attorney in Anchorage, has an article in the Alaska Dispatch that provides an excellent account of Sarah Palin’s response to the Troopergate investigation of her. Particularly interesting is his discussion of Palin’s appointed state attorney general, Talis Colberg.

Here’s one passage from the article:

One of the individuals who was subpoenaed was Todd Palin. But most of the others were state employees. It also is important to know that, pursuant to Alaska Statute 24.25.080, an individual who refuses to comply with a legislative subpoena can be fined up to $500 and jailed for up to six months.

So how did Attorney General Colberg, the chief law enforcement officer of the State of Alaska, respond to the subpoenas?

In a letter to Hollis French dated September 16 Talis first noted that the state employees who had been subpoenaed (who he characterized as his “clients”) were in an “untenable position” because “the Governor [i.e., Sarah Palin] has so strongly stated that the subpoenas issued by your committee are of questionable validity.” He then asked Hollis to withdraw the subpoenas and thereby “relieve” his “clients” from “the circumstance of having to choose where their loyalties lie.” He then concluded by announcing that if the subpoenas were not withdrawn “our clients will not appear in response to the subpoenas until either the Alaska Senate or the full Alaska Legislature convenes to issue a resolution requiring their presence before the appropriate legislative committee.”

As Mitchell notes (and I urge you to read the article in full), here we have the state’s AG taking legal advice from Palin, who is not a lawyer, rather than providing legal advice to her. Bizarre. Or worse.

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