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McCain-Obama, II: Kissinger

September 29, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Much has been written since the first McCain-Obama debate Friday night about which of the two candidates more accurately quoted Henry Kissinger on the conditions appropriate for holding talks with world leaders. I thought it most unfortunate that Obama shared the desire of McCain and Palin to have Kissinger’s blessing.

Christopher Hitchins has addressed the issue well in Slate. I’ll pass over the details and skip to his conclusion:

But the true farce and disgrace is that this increasingly glassy-eyed old blunderer and war criminal, who has been wrong on everything since he first authorized illicit wiretapping for the Nixon gang, should be cited as an authority by either nominee, let alone by both of them. … the debate would look more intelligent, and be conducted on a higher plane, if it excluded a discredited pseudo-expert who has trampled on human rights, vandalized the U.S. Constitution, deceived Congress, left a trail of disaster and dictatorship behind him, and deserves to be called not a hawk or a dove but a vulture.

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