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Religious Abuse in the “War on Terror”

December 1, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m simply posting this to link to the lead article in the current Commonweal. The issue came on line over the weekend and this article is available without a paid online subscription. The article is written by Michael Peppard, a PhD candidate in religious studies at Yale University, and its subtitle is the title of this post. One excerpt from early on gives you an idea of what the article is about:

Amid pyramids of naked bodies, Jack Bauer hypotheticals, and a national debate on waterboarding, we have overlooked the deliberate desecration used to torture devout Muslim detainees. From the perspective of many detainees, this has been the worst kind of torture.

The details matter, so read it all. Near the end an analogy is drawn with the Hanukkah story.

And while you’re at Commonweal, you can read another article that doesn’t require a subscription, Margaret O’Brien Steinfels’ piece Mis-governance: Cleaning Up After the Bush Administration. Sample quote:

The Bush administration will be gone January 20, but its legal interpretations will live on. Ferreting out the illegal directives and secret misdeeds may not be the most critical issue the new administration faces, but it will be vital to good governance to track down and rescind the directives given to the CIA, the NSA, and other agencies, including those that permit attacks around the world by Special Forces. Unless they are reined in, these misbegotten practices will live on.

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