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More Snow in Seattle

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The View from our House

The View from our Backyard

On Saturday morning, I wrote about the snow we had in Seattle on Thursday, with photos of the two buses that slid down a hill and almost went over a retaining wall onto the freeway. We have since had two more snowstorms. We got out Saturday afternoon to do some essential shopping, getting home before the second round of snow. It started around 4 PM and fell until around midnight, with about 5-6 inches accumulating around our house. I awoke yesterday (Sunday) morning anticipating doing some shoveling, but before I could begin, it was snowing again. The snow fell from around 10 AM to 11 PM. I would guess another 5-6 inches fell, so we had something close to 15 inches of snow in the last four days. Not unheard of, but not very common either. More typical when we have freezing or near freezing temperatures is that Seattle escapes large snowfalls. The outlying areas, at higher elevation or without the additional moderating influence of Lake Washington, can get such accumulations, but we, at a low elevation near the lake, will typically have just a little.

I got out this morning and started shoveling the driveway. The norm around here seems to be to just blast out of the garage with the four-wheel drive vehicle. The roads aren’t plowed, so why worry about a driveway full of snow? But I like to clear it just the same. Partly, shoveling gives me a sense of continuity with my childhood. And it’s good exercise, as long as I don’t overdo it. I took a break in the middle of the shoveling and used my flip HD mini camcorder to record the view. As I explained in my post when I got the Flip, I set up a youtube account that night in order to post videos, but until today I hadn’t posted any. Here’s one:

The narration is a little stupid, but I figured there’s supposed to be sound when you make a video, so I spoke.

I took a break and came in for a late breakfast just before noon, by which time Joel was awake. After eating, I went out again and took some photos in the back, including the photo at the top of this post. Go here for a slideshow with a few more.

I should explain, for readers who don’t know where we live, Read more…

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