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In Memoriam: Peter Sofie

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Two Sundays ago, when Jessica was in San Diego, Gail and I went over to her condo to spend some time with her cat, Peter. By the time Gail managed to find the right key and get the door open, he was at the foot of the door waiting to see who was coming in. He was also breathing loudly, and with seeming difficulty. We spent an hour with him, as he alternately sat in the couch with us or walked around. At times, his breathing would be less audible, but then the sound would return. Between that and his runny nose, we (and Jessica) assumed he had a bad cold. Jessica returned the next day, her birthday, and the vet came two days later to check on Peter. The diagnosis was a shock. There was something in his head blocking his breathing passages: an infection or a tumor, probably a tumor. Peter spent the last 10 days on antibiotics, but didn’t improve. Today the vet returned. Late this morning, with Jessica holding Peter and Gail providing support, Peter died.

Peter showed up as a kitten at Gail’s parents’ house in Ballard about eight years ago. Gail’s brother Gary lived with their parents at the time and began to feed him. Soon he moved in. A lot would change in the next few years. Gail’s father died, Gary moved out, Gail’s mother’s health declined, Jessica moved in to live with and care for her, and then in July 2006 she (Gail’s mother) moved to an Alzheimer’s home. Two months later, Jessica and Peter moved into the condo, where he quickly adjusted to smaller living quarters and a 9th floor view. He was a good cat and a wonderful companion to Jessica. He will be missed.

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  1. jsofie
    February 12, 2009 at 7:28 AM

    Thanks for making this Ron! It made me cry.

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