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NFL Supports Troops

February 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I joined Gail to watch the Super Bowl coverage yesterday just as the coin-toss participants come onto the field for the pre-game ritual. Having not read about the special guest coin tosser, I was surprised to see General Petraeus being introduced in that role. And disappointed. I would prefer that football just be football, not an exercise in patriotism and support for the troops. Today I read the article at the US Army news website by Staff Sgt. Michael J. Carden about the coin toss. Below are quotes from an NFL spokesman:

“The NFL has had a longstanding tradition of supporting the military,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told American Forces Press Service during a phone interview. “We have a great appreciation for what the military does and feel honored to include the military in the Super Bowl.” …

“[The NFL] feels that the 70,000 fans attending the Super Bowl this year should be cheering louder for the military than the two teams playing,” he said. “It is, indeed, very important for the NFL to look for every opportunity to support the troops.”

It’s hard to take this quote seriously. Indeed, the NFL doesn’t even look for every opportunity to support its own former players with medical problems. And anyway, what does it even mean for the NFL as an entity to have great appreciation for what the military does?

In any case, here’s an idea. Why doesn’t the NFL have each team donate some modest percentage of its profits to the welfare of our veterans?

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