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Detroit Trip

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I’m still here. I didn’t get around to blogging over the weekend because Gail and I headed out of town Friday morning and got back very late Sunday night, and I’ve been catching up on other business since our return. We spent the weekend in Detroit. Why? Well, that’s a story for another time. Several of our adventures would be worthy of posts. But not now. Let me just do the briefest of restaurant roundups.

We got to our hotel, the Dearborn Hyatt, after 9:00 PM Friday night, so we stayed in and ate in the hotel restaurant, Giulio. And Saturday, in the midst of the snow that fell all afternoon, we had lunch at Al-Ameer, a Lebanese and Middle-Eastern restaurant that a Dearborn native who was eating in Giulio Friday night recommended as the authentic Arab-American restaurant in Dearborn. (Dearborn is about 30% Arab-American, home to the Arab American National Museum.) Sunday we had lunch in Detroit’s Greektown, at Olympia Restaurant. I can recommend it highly if you want to dine while Greek music blasts through most of the restaurant but a TV tuned to ESPN hangs above the tables in the non-smoking section with bowling on high volume to be heard over the music. Makes for great conversation. Opa! (The waiter shouted this whenever he set on fire some dish that a couple of different tables ordered.)

Just a few blocks north of the Olympia Restaurant is Ford Field, the Detroit Lions football stadium, which we drove by after lunch. Not too interesting from the outside. But immediately west is Comerica Park, the Detroit Tigers field, which is interesting. The whole western side has assorted gigantic tiger sculptures, such as the one above.

Gail, Joel, and I took a trip to Detroit just before Father’s Day in 1999 so we could see a baseball game Tiger Stadium in its final year of service. We never got back to see the Tigers play at Comerica. Now that we got a look at Comerica, we’re eager to return.

More on Detroit in a future post.

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