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Introducing Henry Sofie


Last month I wrote about the loss of Jessica’s cat Peter Sofie. Since then, she has been spending some time looking at shelter cats as candidates for adoption. This culminated in her decision to adopt Henry, and two days ago Gail went with her to bring Henry home. Following my birthday dinner last night, Jessica drove Joel back to her condo and Gail and I drove up there so we could all see him.

Following the shelter’s instructions, Jessica is keeping Henry confined to the bathroom for a few days so he can become accustomed to the surroundings without having too much new space within which to roam. But with all of us there, she brought him out so he could see us. He’s very comfortable with strangers. Gail and Joel each took turns holding him, we all petted him, and he purred continuously. At one point, he got down and explored the living room a bit, heading for the door to the balcony, running behind the couch, getting into some bags, lying under the dining table. Ultimately he came to rest in the entry space between the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, where he flopped on his side and his back, seeming quite relaxed. I took the photo above at this point. He then went back into the bathroom on his own and we left.

Welcome, Henry.

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