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Cats and Dogs

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Joel brought to my attention this afternoon a wonderful post by a blogger named Sarah Marchildon, a Canadian woman now studying at Kyoto University. In the post, Sarah describes a visit to a cat cafe in Osaka. She notes at the beginning that it’s “more of a cat brothel than a cat cafe,” and her description brings out the aptness of this. Here’s part of her description:

The cafe is called Neko no Jikan 猫の時間 (or “Cat Time” in English). The 20 cats that work here have free range of the place, sitting and sleeping wherever they like.

The cafe consists of two large rooms. There is the cafe area, which is exactly what it sounds like. There are couches and small tables where you can sip a cup of coffee while a cat sleeps on your lap or at your feet. It is a cozy space with soft lighting and classical music playing quietly in the background.

The other room, attached to the cafe, is best described as a cat playroom. No drinks are allowed in this room. You can play with the cats or just sit on one of the many couches and watch all of the four-legged loving go down.

Be sure to go to the post to see the photos.

To ensure fair and balanced pet coverage, I’m throwing in a video featuring Bizkit the sleep-walking dog.

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