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Packer on NYT Columnists

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Last night I wrote a post on newly-announced NYT columnist Ross Douthat in which, as an example of his writing, I quoted from his recent post on RNC chairman Michael Steele. A couple of days ago, the New Yorker’s George Packer gave his thoughts on Douthat’s selection as the NYT’s new conservative columnist. Packer notes that “Douthat, the Times’s choice to replace Bill Kristol on its Op-Ed page, is so thoroughly his predecessor’s opposite that the selection is itself an admission and correction of a mistake. … this excellent choice shows that the Times has begun to see its conservative columnist as something more than a quota hire.”

Packer goes on to comment very briefly on all the NYT columnists, and I found his observations sufficiently interesting that I wanted to share them. Here they are (italics mine):
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