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Life After War Crimes

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Not a bad gig, I guess. As I noted in my last post, Mark Danner’s article in the current New York Review of Books on the ICRC report on CIA torture of detainees is a must read. It provides (yet more) unequivocal evidence of the authorization of torture by President Bush and his fellow lawbreakers. Yet, we are somehow supposed to be charmed and amused by Condoleezza Rice’s appearance yesterday at the NFL owners meeting at the St. Regis in Dana Point, on the coast in Orange County. Here’s the start of the AP report:

Condoleezza Rice finally got her chance to address the NFL. Judging by the numerous standing ovations she received, Rice scored a touchdown.

The Secretary of State under the Bush administration, who once aspired to be the league’s commissioner, was invited by Roger Goodell to speak to the “NFL family” Sunday at the owners meetings. She spoke to several hundred rapt listeners about everything from football to politics to the need for American optimism in a trying time.

“I am prepared to answer any questions on Russia, the Middle East, advice for the draft, the zone blitz,” Rice said, drawing laughs from everyone, especially Goodell. “And why no one should ever run a prevent defense.”

Rice was mentioned as a potential candidate to replace Paul Tagliabue, and Goodell thanked her “when you were busy three years ago when they selected a commissioner.”

“I’ve invited somebody who wants my job in front of the same people who hired me,” Goodell joked.

On a related note, see Glenn Greenwald’s blog post last Tuesday on the shocking disrespect shown by White House spokesman Robert Gibbs in speaking of Dick Cheney. He may be head torturer, but he’s a former vice president. Deference, please.

Greenwald’s closing passage is below:
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ICRC Torture Report

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When I was away in Detroit last week, I read several references in blogs and the news to Mark Danner’s article in the latest issue of the New York Review of Books about the report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on the treatment of fourteen “high value detainees” in CIA custody. The report was submitted on February 14, 2007 to John Rizzo, then the acting general counsel of the CIA, and intended only for senior American officials. I got my copy of the NY Review on Saturday afternoon and went directly Danner’s article. You should do so too. It provides yet more clarity for those who might still think, as perhaps President Bush actually does, that our government did not torture people.

At one point in the article, Danner draws some conclusions. “In the wake of the ICRC report one can make several definitive statements:
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