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I Want That Shirt

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Future PC

Future PC

Apple has had some new ads on TV the last few days — those ads with the two characters Mac and PC. I went to Apple’s website with the latest ads today so I could see them systematically and found one I hadn’t seen yet. It’s called Time Traveler. In it, PC uses a time machine to go to the year 2150 so he can find out if all the problems with PCs have been solved. A future Mac and PC pair are at it as usual, arguing about their merits, when he arrives on the scene. Like today’s Mac, future Mac is dressed casually, whereas like today’s PC, future PC is more formally dressed. He wears the business outfit of 2150. I’m ready. I would like one now.

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Lyrics by Bybee

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A week ago, on the eve of the release of the Justice Department torture memos, I wrote a post about Mark Danner’s second article in the New York Review of Books on the International Committee of the Red Cross report about CIA “high value detainees.” Since the Justice Department memos were released last Thursday, I haven’t written anything. I don’t lack things to say. It’s just that they’ve all been said, and said better, by so many others, including my usual list of bloggers on the subject, Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic Monthly, hilzoy of Obsidian Wings, Glenn Greenwald of, and Scott Horton of Harper’s.

But now let me bring to your attention the work of Jonathan Mann, who has been busy writing a song a day since January 1. You can find his songs at his website or on youtube. I first learned about him in early March when I saw a link to his paean to Paul Krugman. At the top of this post is song #109, the April 19 song, with lyrics by Jay Bybee. If you haven’t read the torture memos yet, the song captures their spirit well. After watching the video, read more of Jay Bybee’s work. Here for instance is his memo of August 1, 2002 as Assistant Attorney General. Really, what more can one say?

And if more must be said, start with emptywheel’s comments last Saturday: Read more…

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