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Stellar At Last

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Last December, the day after Christmas, I wrote a post about an outing Gail, Joel, and I took to the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. It came about because FedEx was days late with a delivery of Christmas presents, due to the snow, and I decided we would drive to their delivery center to pick up the packages. As I explained, going there would have an added bonus, because:

the FedEx facility, on Alaska Street just off Airport Way in Georgetown, was near Stellar Pizza. Georgetown, I should explain, is a commercial/industrial neighborhood south of downtown, along I-5 just above Boeing Field. I have had little reason to go there over the years. But two Augusts ago, I drove down to Stellar from work to join a party in honor of our carpenter and friend Bert, given by Toth Construction for his 10th anniversary with the firm. Almost the entire Toth crew were there, plus Gail, and eventually me. They had all but finished the many pizzas they were sharing, but there was a little for me. And I grabbed a menu to learn more about the place, thereby discovering their extremely tempting sandwiches. I’m always on the lookout for a great meatball hero, and this sure sounded good: “Open-faced hot hero, topped with marinara, parmesean cheese, Mama Lil’s kick-butt peppers, red onions, and mozzarella cheese on a demi-baguette.” Since Joel loves meatball heroes too, I figured it wouldn’t be long before we’d make the journey down there to try it.

Just as we were about to leave the house to get our packages, which I had arranged for FedEx to hold at their facility, a truck drove up with them. Saved. No need to stand on line forever only to learn that the boxes were out for delivery. But what about Stellar? We decided to go anyway, taking “local roads all the way south, through the snow and slush and mess, hitting Pioneer Square, driving past Qwest Field and Safeco Field, and then getting a tour of all the industrial enterprises along Airport Way. Finally, we came to the long viaduct that takes cars over the dozen or more train tracks, came down to ground level, and were at Stellar, squeezed in between the tracks and I-5. And it was closed. Closed December 24, 25, 26. Sigh.” We waited 17 months, and now we would have to wait still longer.

Well, here we are, five months later to the day, and for the first time since that disappointing day, we had business in Georgetown. Bert and Toth Construction are back in our lives, thanks to our latest remodel, just starting its third month. And we arranged to meet Todd, our architect, at Pental Granite & Marble in Georgetown this morning to look at slabs for our bathroom countertop. From Pental we went to another stone place nearby, and then back to Pental to make our final selection. We were done a little after 11, with Stellar nearby. We didn’t even realize how close we were. Three short blocks, then the far side of a small city park, and there it was, just the other side of the train tracks, squeezed between the tracks and Airport Way. They open at 11:00 and we weren’t even the first ones there for lunch. I looked at the menu to make sure the meatball sandwich was still there, which it was, and so I ordered it, with a side salad.

The verdict? Simple. It’s the best meatball sandwich I have ever had in Seattle. I’ve tried quite a few. None compare. Joel, I’m sorry you missed out. Come back home and we’ll go again.

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