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Surprise Wedding Reception

The video above (hat tip: Andrew Sullivan) is the latest production from Improv Everywhere. I knew about their annual no pants subway rides in New York City, but I hadn’t realized that they have many different types of missions. After watching the video above, I went to their website (linked above) and discovered how much more they do. Some great stuff. I’ve added their feed to my news aggregator, so from now on I’ll be able to see their reports and learn about each new mission as it gets posted.

Plus, when you go to the website, you see photos and read more about each of the missions. For example, the wedding webpage describes how they were lucky to get the tents for the reception because another group was finished using them and they were able to pay extra to extend the rental time.

Below is the video from their Welcome Back mission last November. In this mission, a group of people went out to JFK, where they would find a driver with a name sign waiting for an arriving passenger. They’d tell the driver that they know that person and will wait with him. Then, since they now knew the passenger’s name from the driver’s sign, they would quickly prepare more signs greeting the arrivee. The video shows some of the surprised passengers as they are warmly greeted by a group of total strangers.

Have a look. And go to the Improv Everywhere website to see many more videos, along with photos and mission reports.

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