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I Read Books, II

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At the end of December, I posted a lengthy note about the books I’d read over the previous eight months, responding to Karl Rove’s WSJ column the week before in which he described the book-reading competition he and George Bush had. (In the column, we learn about the true, intellectual Bush.) I couldn’t keep up with Bush and Rove, even though the eight month period I described was one in which I had an unusual amount of free time. In January, I returned to teaching for the first time in 7 1/2 years and my book-reading rate declined. I did read, as some of my winter posts make clear, but spring book reading was limited. Too much grading to do. And blog reading. And blog writing. And newspaper and magazine reading. But when Janet Maslin’s review in the NYT of Gone Tomorrow, the new Lee Child thriller, came out on May 14, I decided I would read it as soon as I was done teaching for the year. Read more…

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