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Purdum on Palin, II


I wrote earlier today about Todd Purdum’s article in Vanity Fair on Sarah Palin. After a short delay, Andrew Sullivan is on the case. No one has been a more consistent critic or exposer of her lies. In the first of a series of posts, Sullivan observes:

There is not much new in Todd Purdum’s nonetheless superb summary of the Wasilla whack-job. I learned that Matt Scully’s concern for the welfare of animals did not prevent him from writing not one but two speeches for a woman who backed shooting wolves from helicopters and allowing them to die a gruesomely painful death. I learned that Mark MacKinnon publicly said he would never join a campaign against Obama and yet coached Palin for her presidential debate, and kept it quiet. One should remember, I suppose, that in Washington even those who seem able to put principle before partisanship are all liars and hypocrites in the end. Chief among these goons is John McCain, a man whose reputation should never, ever recover from this act of wanton irresponsibility and cynicism.

But I did learn of several new odd lies – in the same classic pattern of categorically denying things that are categorically and patently and verifiably true. This is not, as this blog noted in the campaign, the typical political lie, the Clintonian parsing of truth or lying when the truth cannot easily be discovered. It is the statement that it is night when it is clearly, by universal aggreement, three o’clock in the afternoon. So the Dish needs an update and it is imminent. Stay tuned.

In his next two posts, Sullivan adds entries XXVIII and XXIX to his continuing series, The Odd Lies of Sarah Palin. And Sullivan addresses yet again the strange story of Palin’s delivery of Trig. Quoting Purdum again: “But there were ominous signs—indications of an erratic nature. This is the third thing McCain could have discovered about Palin—a woman, after all, who kept a pregnancy secret for seven months, flew all the way home from Texas to Alaska with a near-full-term baby while leaking amniotic fluid, and then finally drove the 45 minutes from Anchorage to a hospital in Wasilla, all so that the child could be born in the 49th state.” Basically, on this point, Palin is either lying (with the assistance of doctors, aides, and hospital employees) or unimaginably reckless. At least one has to be the case. But again, this isn’t news.

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  1. ramcduff
    July 5, 2009 at 5:02 AM

    I came to see what you had to say about the latest Palin news. I will return because I know you must have something to say! In the meantime, did you read Gail Collins? http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/04/opinion/04collins.html?_r=1&em
    I am thinking of writing something because I feel that the news demands it…. But, I am lazy.

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