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Rover’s Again


In January I wrote about our first lunch at Rover’s, and in March I wrote about our second. Rover’s, as you may recall, is one of the finest restaurants and Seattle, and it’s just down the street from us, but we had never eaten there before these lunches. Since our second lunch, on March 20, we haven’t been able to return. They serve lunch on Fridays only. The next Friday, Gail flew to Scotland. The ten Fridays following, I had to teach. Then there was another engagement the Friday after that, then we had to drive to Vancouver the Friday after that. At last, two Fridays ago, we had the option of eating there, but my cousins John and Joan were visiting and eager to see Pike Place Market, so we went there and had lunch at Serious Pie (as described here). Last Friday there were no obstacles to going. So we did.

Our meal was superb. Gail and I ended up ordering the same items. Alas, three days on, I don’t remember the details too well. We started with one of the soup choices, Walla Walla onion (now in season) and bacon with mushrooms. As with the other soups we have had there, it comes to the table with some item stacked in an otherwise empty soup bowl — the mushrooms in this case. The liquid comes out in a teapot and is then poured into the bowl around the central stack. The liquid itself was smooth and creamy in consistency. I would describe the color as brownish gray, but Gail suggests golden tan. That certainly sounds more inviting. I don’t know. Anyway, it was great. Caramel color, Gail now adds.

For our entree, we chose the Moulard duck breast, which came with quinoa and some other spectacular items that now completely escape me. The duck was perfect. I need to take notes in the future. But let’s move on to dessert. It was sublime. Called a Napoleon, it was by no means a traditional one. It was more like the ideal chocolate bar. At the base was a thin, rectangular chocolate cookie. Sitting atop it were five creamy mounds of chocolate, shaped like Hershey kisses, topped by a chocolate filament. And on the side was cookie crumble.

Our friend Kai joined us. She had the same dessert, but chose a cold asparagus soup with smoked salmon and, for her entree, the sturgeon. I tasted tiny bits of each. Excellent.

And no visit to Rover’s is complete without a tableside visit by Thierry Rautureau, the Chef in the Hat. Now that I’m not teaching, we discussed our plan to have lunch there every Friday this summer. He approved, but also suggested we try their Sunday brunch. And he spent some time discussing possible future developments. He was a delightful host, as always.

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