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The current issue of the New Yorker (July 6 & 13) has a profile of Nora Ephron by Ariel Levy. (See here for the abstract and a subscriber link to the full article.) I’m not a big fan of Ephron’s movies, and I’ve never read her essays, but I was curious, so I read it.

Various facets of Ephron’s life were discussed, but the article kept returning to her newest movie, JuliaJulie & Julia, due out next month. The movie is based in part on Julia Child’s 2006 memoir My Life in France, with Meryl Streep playing Julia Child.

The more I read about the movie, the more eager I became to read Child’s memoir. I finished the article yesterday afternoon and ordered a paperback copy of the memoir last night. It will come the day after tomorrow. So far so good. I will get to read it, and Gail will surely want to read it as well.

After dinner out tonight I was telling Gail about the Ephron article and the Child memoir. Before I could get to the part where I excitedly ordered the book for us, Gail said, gee, the memoir sounds familiar, she’s pretty sure she bought it. As soon as we got home, Gail pulled it out, in hardcover. The good news is, we both want to read the book. More good news — we can read it in parallel, thanks to the good fortune that we will soon have two copies.

Alternatively, we could give someone the paperback as a gift. That wouldn’t be regifting would it? I mean, it’s not like someone gave us the book and we’re now giving it to someone else. We gave it to ourselves. If we don’t read the new copy, we can still give it away like a new gift, can’t we?

Well, if you get a copy of My Life in France from us, you’ll know why.

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