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Rover’s IV


Last week I described our third lunch at Rover’s, the outstanding restaurant in our neighborhood that is open for lunch on Fridays only. We hadn’t had an available Friday from March 20 — when we had our second Rover’s lunch — until two Fridays ago, and we immediately took advantage of the opportunity. This past Friday we did so again. Yet again, we’re glad we did.

For the second week in a row, I started with the Walla Walla onion and bacon soup, which comes with mushrooms as well. Gail had a crab salad. I didn’t try it, but she assured me that it was great. Then we both had the lamb roulade as our entree. As with all their dishes, it comes with an assortment of wonderful tastes, everything in moderation. There were potatoes, some superb spinach, more mushrooms, and the delicious lamb itself. I find myself working my way around the plate repeatedly, taking much smaller bites than ordinarily, so I can enjoy each flavor many times.

There were two desserts. We ordered both and shared. I ordered the dessert described as raspberry soup. It came in two cups, making sharing easy. Maybe I should call them saucers. They were low. Each saucer had a liquified strawberry concoction filling the lower part. In the center rose a cylinder of mascarpone panna cotta, atop which was placed a half strawberry. My initial taste of the “soup” was delightful, but when I next took a mix of the soup and the panna cotta, I was in heaven. It was perfect. Gail’s dessert was chocolatey rather than fruity. On a long rectangular plate were two copies of the following: a rectangular block of chocolate, shaped like a cookie but with a consistency something like fudge, about 3/8 of an inch high; a slightly smaller and thinner rectangle of smoked, salted caramel spread on top of the fudge bar; and, oh, now I can’t remember. Something else. And smeared on the plate was a syrupy tea-flavored bit of flavor along with a chocolatey syrup smear.

We’ll be back. Maybe this Friday.

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