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The Open

The Open Championship starts tomorrow at Turnberry, in Scotland. Golf that is. Just maybe my favorite golf tournament. We were there five years ago, at Troon. I was there for just a day in 1990, at St. Andrews. (Gail couldn’t make it. She stayed in Edinburgh with Joel, who had just turned 3, and our friends.) We’ll be watching. It’s hard to go back and forth between the golf and the Tour de France. The rhythms of the two events are so different. And as I already mentioned, Sunday will be particularly hard, because the Open will approach its climax just as the Tour climbs to Verbier in the Alps, the biggest stage in over a week. Well, I’ll get through it.

Meanwhile, I was disappointed to learn that the television coverage of the Open won’t be in high definition. The only video feed worldwide is the one provided by the BBC, and they don’t do it in HD. ABC and TNT can’t do anything about it. The BBC contract won’t expire for two more years. Maybe then we can get HD coverage of the golf. But maybe before then we’ll be back in person and won’t have to rely on TV. It’s at St. Andrews next year. We’ll put it on our calendars.

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