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Suppose you love the Tour de France. And you love food. Then what could be better than Tour food? Tomorrow’s NYT has an article on this very topic, featuring American chef Sean Fowler (above), who runs a restaurant in the Pyrenees, and who the American team Garmin-Slipstream hired to cook exclusively for their riders.*

Accompanying the NYT article on Fowler is an audio slide show that is well worth a look. When you see the photos, you will wish you were riding for Garmin. Or at least that you got to visit El Racó d’Urús, Fowler’s restaurant. (Check out the photos of the restaurant at its website!)

Garmin rider David Zabriskie explains what he likes about Sean’s cooking, and it sounds like we could all benefit. “To have Sean cooking and all the fresh stuff makes a big difference. He’s even making me beets, which I like a lot. Helps move things along. … If you’re eating the soggy French pasta, it does give your body kind of a nasty, just heavy, bad unhealthy feeling. The way we are doing it is just one more little thing that helps.”

*Garmin made the news today for an entirely different reason, being blamed for picking up the peloton’s pace late in today’s ride to Besançon, closing the gap on the 12 riders in the breakaway by just enough to deprive beloved American Tour veteran George Hincapie of the yellow jersey. With the Tour finally having its big climb to Verbier in the Swiss Alps tomorrow, the long-awaited shakeout will occur, and the Italian Nocentini, who has held the yellow jersey just 6 and 8 seconds ahead of race favorites Contador and Armstrong for days, will surely fall by the wayside. So too would Hincapie, if he had been allowed to take the lead. Instead, he sits 5 seconds behind Nocentini, 1 and 3 seconds ahead of Contador and Armstrong, and there are bitter feelings tonight. A day of glory for George would have been well deserved. But George rides for the other American team, Columbia-HTC, and some blame Garmin for not wanting its rival to have the race leader.

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