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Cooling with Buster


The record high temperatures of the last two days are over. We hit 103 Wednesday, and flirted with 100 yesterday but didn’t go above 97 or 98 (depending on location). There’s some marine air over Seattle now, the temperature is around 60, and the house is cooling down at last. The forecast for the next five days shows temps getting into the mid 80s, dropping to 60 overnight, with morning clouds burning off. So, we’re back to a typical summer pattern.

In yesterday’s post on the heat, I brought in Buster Poindexter to serenade us with Arrow’s classic Hot Hot Hot. Buster is back today, by popular demand. Enjoy. (And thanks to Joel, whom I didn’t credit yesterday, for helping me come to a full appreciation of Buster’s greatness.)

Note: youtube has disabled embedding of the Poindexter video, so I can’t put it in this blog post directly, as I tried initially. You will have to follow the link to see him.

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