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9 Zucchini, 2 Squash


Maybe an overflowing garden is one of those topics that is more interesting to the possessor than to others. But what’s the point of having a blog if you don’t get to write about topics in a self-absorbed way?

We have a garden. It’s still a novelty, and one we pay insufficient attention to. Gail’s time in culinary school finally inspired her two years ago to take the plunge. But, you know, we aren’t ones to get our hands too dirty. We talked to our gardener, who agreed to construct a raised bed and to re-work the irrigation system in order to bring water to it. Then we spoke to our brother-in-law Jim, raised on a farm in Wisconsin and still a farmer at heart, who agreed to plant the garden. Well, Gail helped with the planting. I didn’t.

And then the slugs came. Gail decided gardening wasn’t so much fun after all. We had a modest harvest and called it a day.

Last year we decided to let the garden lay fallow. We didn’t reach a careful, scientific consensus on this. We just didn’t bother doing anything.

I suggested this year that Jim might have missed getting to plant last year and might be hoping to do it again. Gail checked with him. He was indeed eager to help. Gail bought seeds, Jim planted, vegetation arose. Gail picked a couple of small peppers. Some rhubarb. She clipped lettuce leaves for several June and July salads. She wondered where the tomatoes were. The plants were tall but weren’t bearing fruit.

Two days ago Bert, our carpenter, pointed out that we might want to pay attention to the zucchini. We walked over to the garden with him and were stunned. More zucchini than we could use in a year, and all of the huge. I always hear about people trying to unload their zucchini. Now we’re the unloaders. We brought them in yesterday morning. Nine of them, any one of which would satisfy my zucchini desire for months, given that I’m not even fond of it. And two squash. The tomatoes have appeared, though they are far from ripe. There are a few beautiful peppers. We’ll be paying closer attention for the rest of the month.

Do you want a zucchini?

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