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I set a record in July for number of posts. 57. My old record was 36, achieved twice. I ended the month by choosing a new design for the blog. And then I had my first blogger block since I started last September. And not because of a shortage of material. The starting point of the problem, I believe, was my departure for New York two weeks ago today, the day of the Tour de France’s time trial. Then there was the long-anticipated climb of Mont Ventoux two days later, and a day after that was the concluding stage, which ended as I was boarding my return flight to Seattle. It took two more days for me to get fully caught up. I had so much I wanted to say about the Tour — not just the event itself, but the odd experience I had in my attempts to follow its final four days. But I wrote about other matters first, since the moment seemed to have passed, and now it has really passed.

And then the painters arrived, a week ago today. They’ve been in the house the last six weekdays, and they still have a ways to go, what with the remodel upstairs, the entire exterior of the house, and the kitchen. With that and other remodel activities, the house is noisy and messy. The weekend might have been a peaceful opportunity to blog, but we were hardly here. Friday night we saw Gail’s niece (in from Idaho), her new baby, and assorted other family members. Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon were Gail’s 35th high school reunion. I got to meet some people I’ve heard of for years and some I never heard of. The cheerleaders. The LA make-up artist who now practices here. The LA chemical engineer who left the city and his career behind in order to raise his kids in Vermont. The government employee who has been stationed all over the world but now lives in Fairfax, Virginia. I always pictured Gail’s classmates as immature kids. All my images were of the past. Although I shouldn’t have been, I couldn’t help being surprised Saturday night when I saw how old they all look.

And now I have a new reason not to blog. I pre-ordered a book from Amazon back in May and it arrived yesterday. A thriller, a sequel to one from a year ago that I read when we were in Ojai and Montecito that July. I’m 70 pages in. But I’m going to force myself to write a few posts before going back to it.

Let’s get to it.

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