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Look Forwards

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Tom Tomorrow’s latest cartoon at Salon (above) pretty much says it all. You know, maybe there’s an argument to be made that government-sanctioned torture is justifiable under some circumstances. And maybe there’s an argument to be made that such torture has been used to good effect by the US military and the CIA. We certainly find ourselves reading and listening to these arguments all the time, along with claims that what I’m calling torture is really something else — enhanced interrogation or whatever. But what about the people who have died at our hands, many of them completely innocent? How is that justified? And if it isn’t, and if we can’t know which people really are the terrorists, and if we can’t know which of them have information that we could have obtained only through torture, and if historically torture has served as a means to force confessions rather than to get to the truth, well, what are we doing? Why must we look forwards only? Why can’t we investigate everyone, up to the top, so we can find out what our lawless leaders allowed/ordered? How else can we move on?

(HT: I saw the Tom Tomorrow cartoon first in Glenn Greenwald’s post yesterday on the issue of Department of Justice investigations.)

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