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Off to France

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


No, not us. Not yet. Joel. He’s in France at long last. I won’t say much about his doings there, since it’s his business to tell, not mine, and I already said too much about his visit to the French consulate in Boston two weeks ago. But he’s had quite a few weeks.

The second week of August, Joel finished his summer courses. The third week of August, with Gail’s help, he had his French consulate visit, sold or gave away or shipped all his belongings, closed up the apartment, and flew home. Last week he got ready for his semester in France. And finally, last weekend, he made the journey.

Saturday night he flew from Seattle to Boston via JFK, arriving in Boston Sunday morning. Sunday night he was off again, arriving in London Monday morning and in Paris a few hours later. He had 72 hours in Paris as part of his school group’s initial orientation, with visits to Versailles, the Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre, and so on. And with enough free time that he had dinner with my sister and brother-in-law one evening. He spoke to me late Tuesday evening from my sister’s apartment, after having steak tartare and foie gras for dinner. And yesterday afternoon he arrived in Grenoble, his home for the next 3 1/2 months. Through the wonders of Skype, we had a video chat with him earlier today. After all these transitions, school starts next week and he can finally settle in.

We’ve never been to Grenoble. We anticipate passing through in maybe 7 weeks or so. I might not have known of Grenoble before 1968, but I sure got to know it then, during the Winter Olympics. Is there a more famous Winter Olympic accomplishment than Jean-Claude Killy’s winning all three alpine gold medals on home turf? (Well, maybe Franz Klammer’s 1976 downhill victory at Innsbruck is even greater, given his dramatic run down the hill, but that lay in the future.) And who didn’t fall in love with Peggy Fleming (gold medalist in women’s figure skating)? She was only 19, and beautiful. I’m eager to visit, even if I’m too late to see Killy and Fleming. And even if Joel’s too busy. We’ll find lots to do.

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