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Off to Nantucket

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


We’re off first thing tomorrow morning for New York, and then Nantucket. I’ve started two posts in recent days and have a few more in mind, but they have taken a back seat the last couple of days to getting some things done around the house before we leave. Maybe I’ll get to them in the next few hours.

When I started this blog last September, in the wake of our last trip to Nantucket, that trip served as one of my first blog topics. I wrote that “each time we go, we become further convinced that there’s no place else we would rather be.” I keep wondering if this feeling will wear off, so this coming week will be a test. The previous three years, we spent Labor Day weekend in Boston, helping Joel move into one apartment or another, then flew down to Nantucket on Labor Day, ready for some relaxation after an invariably hectic and anxious weekend. This year, our annual Joel-moving-related anxiety has already been dealt with (see one of the upcoming posts), and since he’s in France rather than Boston, we’re not even in proximity to Nantucket. So in contrast to previous years, we are going out of our way to get there. Plus, for the first time, we may be in for some bad weather. Now we’ll find out how badly we want to keep this tradition going.

I’m guessing we’re going to love it. I’ll keep you informed. Meanwhile, we’ll be at the Wauwinet, pictured above, in the room that occupies the central dormer on the third floor. Whatever the weather, we’ll start each day with fabulous breakfasts at Topper’s, in the Wauwinet, and end it with dinners at some great restaurants.

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