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Hamburger Guide

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[Megaburger photograph from Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill]

Every so often — too often! — I read a blog post that makes me realize how futile my blog-writing efforts are. I came across such a post yesterday (thanks to Andrew Sullivan.) It turns out that there’s a blog called A Hamburger Today: Burgers, with Ketchup, Mustard–and Opinion. As I look now, its latest post is on banana cream cheeseburgers: “If you ever wondered what a burger made of mashed banana and mint on top of a layer of cream cheese (with a side of pineapple “fries”) might look like, there you go.”

The post I so admire, now over a week old, is the absolutely essential AHT Guide to Hamburger and Cheeseburger Styles, written by AHT’s founder (and my newest idol), Adam Kuban.

Sample entries include pub burgers, fast food burgers, sliders, mini hamburgers, steakhouse burgers, deep-fried burgers, pimento cheese burgers, and butter burgers. Under another category, Kobe/Wagyu Beef Burgers, Kuban explains that “a Kobe burger is always, always a bad idea. When cooked rare to medium-rare, as most chefs who put these on their menus usually recommend, the texture inevitably renders as mushy. It’s like moist cat food on a bun, with the meat oozing out the sides and back as you try to eat the burger. Why turn a glorious piece of beef into minced meat?”

Read it all. There’s so much to learn. Then let’s go grab a megaburger.

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