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Off Duty

October 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

santamaria milan

I seem not to have written anything for a week now. Sorry about that. Maybe I was feeling self-conscious after the appearance of an article last Thursday in the university’s weekly newspaper (now on-line only) about my blog, lying low until the one-time visitors stop coming. (Are you gone yet? For others, see here if you must.)

But beyond that, I allowed myself last week to get absorbed yet again in a Lee Child thriller. This time it was his second Jack Reacher novel, Die Trying, from 1998. And then there were the President’s Cup golf matches to watch, last Thursday through Sunday. And above all, travel planning, with our departure just 12 days away. First there were the flights, then the hotels. Then revising the hotel dates by two days. Then revising them back a day. Then trains. Now tour and museum reservations.

Our timing in Florence isn’t the best, arriving on a Saturday afternoon and leaving on a Tuesday just after noon, with the Uffizi closed on Mondays. We’ll have our work cut out for us that Sunday. We could have left Tuesday night on an overnight train to Paris, but then we’d be boarding when we should be having dinner to celebrate Gail’s birthday. So instead, we’ll head up to Milan in the afternoon and spend the rest of the day there before boarding an 11:35 PM train to Paris. This will give us time, if all goes to plan, to see The Last Supper and then go out for the birthday dinner.

More on all this later. Perhaps.

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