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Risotto Milanese al salto

I’m home. We’ve been home for three days, after 23 days of travel. It’s hard to get back into the blogging routine. It’s hard, in fact, to get into any routine as I try simply to catch up on various fronts.

I’m getting there. We were gone for three weeks of NYT crosswords and the start of a fourth week. I did the Monday crossword that appeared online on the very first day of our trip, but none after that. They’re done now, the Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday ones at least. I did the remaining eleven yesterday and early this morning. I also passed on watching the NYT’s weekly Vows video, the online video piece that complements their featured text couple in the Sunday Weddings & Celebrations section. But this afternoon I watched the videos I had missed. And I’ve caught up on hundreds of blog posts.

What’s left? Alas, a huge pile of magazines. The arrival today of this week’s New Yorker meant I’m making negative progress. There are four New Yorkers, two New York Reviews of Books, an Atlantic, a Harper’s, a Golf World, my Harvard and MIT magazines, and four Chronicles of Higher Ed. I don’t even know where to start. Maybe reading the latest ones and then working backwards. In that spirit, I did look briefly at the new New Yorker this evening. It’s the Food Issue. The only food-related article I’ve read is a wonderful short piece by Jhumpa Lahiri that, alas, is not available in full online except to subscribers. It’s just a page long. If you see a copy in a store, you might just read the piece standing up. In it, she writes about her father’s specialty, pulao rice. (See too Nancy Franklin on Glenn Beck and Jeffrey Toobin’s opening commentary on the larger significance of Stupak’s anti-abortion amendment to the House’s health-care bill.)

And then there’s the TV backlog. NCIS. Monk. The one new show I’ve been watching this season, FlashForward. Maybe I should just pass on all this. Except Monk, in its final season. And NCIS, which I’ve already caught up on.

I hope to write a few posts about our trip in the next few days. Keep watching. In the spirit of the New Yorker’s food issue, perhaps I’ll have something to say about our dinner in Milan celebrating Gail’s birthday, at Trattoria Milanese. I began with the risotto al salto, which looked a lot like the version pictured above (from here).

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  1. ramcduff
    November 20, 2009 at 3:28 PM

    Re magazines: Tell me about it! I thought retirement would solve this problem, but no, it did not. Even when I haven’t gone anywhere, I remain perpetually 5 weeks behind on the Economist. Damn magazines have taken over my life. Therefore, I am going cold turkey. I am letting every single subscription lapse. And, when they finally come to a halt, I WILL finish that Economist pile, dammit.

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