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Warming Up

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yet another long break between posts. Sorry about that. I had some business I was taking care of in the last week that distracted me from the blog. Plus, the longer I don’t write anything, the more topics accumulate, and I get intimidated by all the items I want to write about. Plus plus, I still haven’t written all I intended to about our time in Italy. Or Paris. I’m so far behind. I should be writing about:

Paris again
Books I’m reading or not reading
Baseball Hall of Fame voting
Palin (or maybe not)
World Cup soccer draw

Just for starters. In my recurring theme of national chain restaurants, I could write about two that we found ourselves at last week: Macaroni Grill and Bahama Breeze. And there’s always the football news.

Where to begin? We’ll see. For this post, I’ll just add a photo to the top from Florence. Gail took it at the indoor central food market — San Lorenzo Mercato Centrale. We bought our lunch at the food stall that the photo shows in part, four weeks ago today. Simple, but superb, salami and cheese sandwiches along with small cups of whatever local red wine they were pouring. It was 2:15 that afternoon, we had been walking for hours, and we really needed something. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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