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SousVide Supreme

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The NYT food section Wednesday had an article by Julia Moskin on sous vide cooking. Thanks to the SousVide Supreme, now everyone can do it at home with ease. You too can be Ferran Adrià. Well, at least you can imagine you are, though you’ll no more be Ferran than I’m Mickey Mantle.

Anyway, I’m writing about the SousVide Supreme because I’ve discovered that when I tell Gail there’s an article she should look at in the paper, she doesn’t always look. But she does read my blog posts, eventually. So, Gail, have a look at the link above. Should we get one? We would have to unearth our vacuum sealing machine to use as well.

Below is the article’s opening passage. I’m ready for sous vide crème brûlée.

Once you sous vide, you never go back.

That, at least, is the chant of a global pantheon of chefs — like Heston Blumenthal, Joël Robuchon, Ferran Adrià, and Tetsuya Wakuda — who have made this low, slow cooking method the standard in the last decade.

And last month, Fritz Cloninger, a technical writer in Jersey City, joined that elite company with a pork chop and a SousVide Supreme, the first self-contained sous-vide machine for home cooks, which has just come on the market priced at $449.

“My wife thought I was crazy to get this thing, but already she doesn’t want to eat anything else,” Mr. Cloninger said last week. “I even made a hamburger in it this morning.”

Sous vide combines the gentle, steady heat of poaching and an airtight seal, as in traditional methods of cooking in clay. “The food literally stews in its own juices: no air, no water, no evaporation,” said Wesley Genovart, the chef at Degustation, a restaurant in the East Village, who has experimented with sous-viding everything from carrots to crème brûlée.

Until now, home cooks wanting to try the method have had to improvise, with solutions from low-tech (a stockpot and a handful of ice cubes) to high (a chamber sealer and an immersion circulator, generating about $1,500 in start-up costs). But there seems to be an audience, however small, for an easier and cheaper way. The first 500 SousVide Supreme machines sold out via the Internet before shipping in November, according to the manufacturers. More are on the way, available for order online now, and scheduled to reach Sur la Table warehouses in January.

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