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I Read Books, III

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

I haven’t written lately about what I’ve been reading. I noted in my first post after we got home four weeks ago from our trip to Europe the hopeless magazine catchup task. And there was the TV show backlog too, but somehow that was easier to deal with than the magazines. It seemed like every time I brought in the mail, there was another New Yorker or New York Review of Books or Harper’s or something. The worst part of the backlog was that I was unwilling to start a book. Or maybe that was second worst. Worst might have been that I couldn’t decide what to read, or how to read it. How to read it? By that I mean, if there’s a book I’m interested in, do I read the physical book or, now that we have Kindles, in the electronic version on my Kindle?

Let me run through the options I faced before telling you what I did read. (I know, I’ve already provided a hint. Forget that for now.)
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