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What Type Are You?

Two evenings ago, my friend Chris was kind enough to pass on to me the wonderfully clever What Type Are You online test from Pentagram. Pentagram is a design services company. As they explain in their 12-23-09 entry on the webpage here, “Every Christmas since 1971, Pentagram has designed and published a small annual greetings booklet and sent it to our friends, colleagues and clients. Usually designed around a game or activity, these small books are intended to provide a diversion during the hectic holiday period.” The online test is this year’s game or activity.

When you go to the webpage to take the test, you’ll need to sign in with your name and a password. Chris let me in on the password. As far as I can tell from looking elsewhere on the web, it’s not really a secret, so I’ll let you in on it too. It’s the word ‘character’. Go take the test. You’ll be asked four questions about your personality, each requiring a choice between two alternative types. Thus there are 16 possible ways to respond to the four questions, or 16 personality types. This may sound like a Myers-Briggs Type test, and in a way it is, but there’s a clever twist. I don’t want to spoil the twist, so I’ll say no more, other than that you should be patient, as the test takes a few minutes.

Oh, one more thing. I took the test two nights ago, then watched Gail take it yesterday morning. On all four questions, we chose different types. I’m not entirely sure that was surprising, but it was fun to see the outcome.

Thanks, Chris, for sending me the test.

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