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If Things Don’t Pick Up

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Jason Smith, US Olympic curler

The US men’s Olympic curling team did not do well, tying with Denmark and China for the worst record among the ten teams in the round robin (2 wins, 7 losses) and not going on to the medal round. But they’re a charming group, and the NYT had a great article about them four days ago. (See too the accompanying video.) As the article explains, two of them — John Shuster and Jason Smith — grew up together in Chisholm, Minnesota, with teammate Jeff Isaacson growing up a little out of town. Chisholm, by the way, is near Hibbing, some 75-80 miles to the northwest of Duluth. That’s pretty far out there, in extreme weather country.

The three of them spent the last year together in an apartment in Duluth (along with Shuster’s fiancée), preparing for Olympic qualification and, as it worked out, the Olympics. You can learn more about them in the article and by watching the video. I mention them only because I love the wisdom and cliché avoidance of the article’s ending.

After the Olympics, they will split up. Shuster will marry, Isaacson has already moved out, Smith will go to Florida, his current home. Musing about their time together, Smith observes, “Probably the best couple years of our lives — if things don’t pick up, I guess.”

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