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Nocera Returns

The NYT business columnist Joe Nocera has been on a book-writing leave since last Halloween, when he wrote a piece about four topics he wished he could explore at greater length. I must have missed the piece — it would have appeared on the day that we traveled all day by train from Grenoble to Venice, changing in Chambéry and Turin — but I knew of the leave because he announced it as well on his blog.

I set up a twitter account fifteen months ago, sent three tweets out (despite having no followers), and promptly forgot about it until a few days ago, when I decided I should follow someone other than just Glenn Greenwald, whose tweets I hadn’t actually been reading. I added a couple of people to my follower list, then forgot about it again until this morning, when I decided to be more systematic about finding people to follow. Among the candidates, I thought of that NYT business columnist who disappeared last fall. What’s his name? Five minutes later, I picked up today’s NYT. Out of lingering Saturday habit, I looked at the front of the business section for his column, and there he was! Joe Nocera That was a surprise. He is indeed back, with a column on synthetic C.D.O.’s and the SEC’s charge yesterday that Goldman Sachs was involved in securities fraud.

I’m glad Nocera has returned to active duty. As for twitter, perhaps more on that later. I tweeted a few minutes ago for the first time since the day I signed up for my account. Just before writing this post, I tried to link my twitter and wordpress accounts so that each time I publish a post, an accompanying tweet will appear. Let’s see if it works.

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