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Tweeting my Posts

It worked! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s supposed to work. I noted moments ago in my last post that just before writing it, I had “tried to link my twitter and wordpress accounts so that each time I publish a post, an accompanying tweet will appear.” I wasn’t confident that it would work. I had spent ten minutes looking for such an option within my wordpress settings, then found a couple of third-party plug-ins that were designed to link the two accounts. I downloaded one, but couldn’t figure out how to install it. I signed up for the other, but couldn’t get it to work either. And then I found a simple box to check in my second search through wordpress settings that purported to send my posts to twitter. I checked it, was taken to a twitter page to give the wordpress application permission, and that was that. The thing is, how did twitter know who I was? When wordpress sent me over there, twitter didn’t ask me to identify myself. It just asked for my permission to tweet URL’s for my blog posts. That was the principal source of my skepticism.

Rather than think too deeply about this puzzle, I decided I should simply test the link. If it works, who cares why? I wrote a post, published it, and checked my twitter page. There it was, a new tweet — Nocera Returns: http://wp.me/pkHKn-Cb — consisting of the title of my post and an abbreviated URL for the post.

WordPress also provides the option, with another settings click, of having my posts appear as facebook updates. A number of my FB friends, whose blogs I already subscribe to, do that. But I’m not ready. I’ve been a passive facebook user, posting a status update only once, two Septembers ago, and deciding I had gone too far. I’m not ready to change just yet.

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