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Driving home in the late afternoon two days ago, I realized that the local dogwoods were all in peak bloom, and their variety of colors made the trip down the street glorious. Our dogwood was not in full health a few years back, so I was especially delighted, as we arrived home, to see that it looked every bit as good as its neighbors. This evening, I decided to take its picture. Alas, I went out too late in the day, what with the sun low in the west and the tree on the east side of the house. You can see the result above.

Once out, I took a few more photos, moving to the backyard, where the light was better. The azaleas are in the early stages of bloom.

So too is our west-facing lilac on the western edge of the yard.

The adjacent east-facing lilacs need another week or ten days. The nearby peonies won’t flower for a while, but they are visibly preparing. Here’s an unfurling fern.

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