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View from Alderbrook: Hood Canal, Olympic Mountains

It’s our 25th anniversary today. Hooray! We took the ferry to Bremerton late this morning, had lunch at a sandwich shop there, then drove down through Belfair to the tip of the Hood Canal and along the shore of the canal (it’s not really a canal; it’s a natural waterway that cuts into western Washington in parallel with Puget Sound) to Union, home of Alderbrook Resort & Spa, where we are now. We’re in our room, looking out across the “canal” to the opposite shore and the Olympic Mountains beyond. Below us is the outdoor lounge/bar, a raised porch-like affair along the water, and we are sharing in the bar’s live entertainment. Not that there’s a choice, but fortunately we’re enjoying it. A guy in a Hawaiian shirt is playing ukelele and singing, with karaoke-style accompaniment. A little Jimmy Buffett, Loggins and Messina, and now Peter Frampton. In an hour we’ll head down to dine at the restaurant.

We’ve never been here before. It’s beautiful, a fabulous setting. There’s something magical about our northwest waterways, the mix of water, wooded hills, and snowy mountains. I didn’t grow up here, and in many ways New York still feels more natural, but really, how can one beat this?

Anyway, this is an ideal setting to celebrate. Here’s to us, and thanks to my beautiful wife, perfect in all ways (or at least in all ways that actually matter, unlike me), for 25 super years.

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