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Steve, I’m Sorry

Just over a month ago, our master proclaimed that he was delivering iPhone 4 to us. (See here for my short post, written as Steve revealed it.) When the promised day came to order, I tried to obey, as described here. For some reason, AT&T foiled my repeated attempts to bring three iPhones into our home.

I failed the next day too, but after letting it go for another two days, I successfully ordered iPhones for us all. I was told they would ship by July 14, arrive by July 19. I was dutiful. I would be patient.

Three days ago, unexpected news arrived. Early in the morning, I got an email announcing that Gail’s iPhone had shipped, due next Monday. Ten minutes later, another email, announcing the shipping of Joel’s iPhone, also due next Monday. Mine would follow in moments, I imagined.

Nope. It still hasn’t shipped. But when the FedEx truck stopped in front of our house at 1:20 this afternoon, I knew what that meant. I headed to the door to sign for our two small boxes. Gail and Joel’s iPhones had arrived.

And mine still hasn’t shipped.

Within minutes, they had their phones connected to the AT&T network. A little longer and the phones were synced, ready to go. Joel and I tried out the new FaceTime video chat feature. It worked perfectly. And that’s all I wanted to see. I don’t want to know what I’m missing.

Steve, what did I do wrong? Why can’t I have my iPhone? I’ll be good.

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