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It Arrived

I wrote a week ago about my extreme unhappiness with Apple, after learning that my iPhone 4 order had been put through wrong and there was nothing they could do about it. My only option was to cancel the order and make a new one. Gail and Joel had already been using their new iPhones for a week. The low blow was when Apple’s rep wished me a great day.

Well, life moves on. I decided to put through the new order with AT&T rather than Apple. The website said I had a two-to-three week wait. But you know what? Five days later, this past Sunday, I got email from AT&T that the phone was shipping via FedEx, overnight delivery. It left Fort Worth on Monday, headed to Indianapolis. Something went wrong somewhere along the line, as it sat in Indianapolis from just past midnight Tuesday morning to late Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t get here by 3:00 PM Tuesday, as it was supposed to. No big deal. It got to Seattle early yesterday morning, was put on a truck at 7:30, and arrived here 12:45 yesterday afternoon.

I opened the box, synced the phone with iTunes on my computer, activated the phone online with AT&T, and that was that. I never thought I’d like AT&T more than Apple, but I do now.

Is it great? You know, it has all these features that the second generation iPhone lacked, like video and speed. And it has a better camera, with both front- and rear-facing lenses. As Apple has been advertising, this allows you to have video chats with another iPhone 4 owner, using the new FaceTime feature, in which your partner can see you or, if you switch lenses, you can show other people or whatever else you want to point the camera at. This is pretty cool, but you do need another iPhone 4 owner to use it with, for now anyway, and you both need to be connected to the internet via WiFi, since AT&T doesn’t yet support FaceTime through their 3G network (too much data for them to handle). Once my iPhone was working, the first thing I did was try to FaceTime Gail and Joel, but it woudn’t work. I then called Joel, and he reminded me about the WiFi issue. They were out at a supermarket, without WiFi.

So, the new iPhone hasn’t much changed my life. At least not yet. I’m happy to have it, but most of what I will use it for I could as well have done with the old one. Except, that speed sure will be appreciated when I’m using the internet.

Steve, I can’t say all is forgiven. But I’m moving on.

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