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Harborview Medical Center

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. A little too much going on, as I’ll briefly explain.

In my last post, I wrote about death panels and demagoguery, a post that might be described as “political rant meets family crisis.” The crisis (revolving around the health of Gail’s brother) continued last week against the backdrop of a conference hosted by our math department in honor of an old friend of mine who for decades has spent his summers here in the department. And just to add to the complications, Gail began serving last week as the new president of the local community council. We had busy days and nights, juggling hospital visits, conference talks, council meetings, conference dinners, and additional social occasions with the many friends of ours visiting for the conference from around the world, including my former thesis advisor, as well as our continuing house guest from Scotland, who was one of the conference organizers.

The weekend might have given us a chance to relax, but we had a golf tournament to follow, the fourth and final of the year’s majors, the PGA. We spent Friday evening with an old friend before his midnight flight back to Milwaukee (not far from Whistling Straits, site this year of the PGA), took our Glaswegian friend to the airport Saturday morning, and then it was golf, golf, golf for the rest of the weekend. No way we were missing that.

But more about golf another time. Meanwhile, we’re on to new things. The start yesterday of a small house project we’ve been waiting for years to do. (Flooring.) The final arrangements for our return to Nantucket in three weeks. (Seattle-New York flights, New York accommodations and rental cars on the two ends of the trip, Nantucket restaurant reservations, and so on.)

As for the family crisis — it’s still on-going. Gail’s brother is still with us, and no one can say for sure which way things are going to head, least of all him. We continue to watch and wait. And learn.

Be on the lookout for posts on:

1. The PGA golf tournament.
2. Alex Rodriguez and career RBI numbers.
3. Bobby Thomson, who died yesterday.
4. Food notes from recent weeks.
5. Another entry in my “Change We Can Believe In” series, on Gitmo military tribunals.
6. Cordoba House, aka the Ground Zero Mosque.
7. A series that’s been on hold for ages, and that I’m determined to get to eventually.

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