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Straight Wharf

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[Judge Dice]

Today was our first full day on Nantucket, and it was beautiful. I wrote briefly last night about our dinner yesterday in our inn’s restaurant, Topper’s, as part of a longer post on our trip so far. Tonight I’ll say a little about this evening’s dinner.

I won’t say much partly because typing in our room is a bit of a nuisance. There’s no desk or table to sit at. Just the bed and two easy chairs, and I keep moving around trying to find a comfortable typing position, the obvious point being that there isn’t one.

We took the inn shuttle into town at 5:30, giving us some 45 minutes to wander around before dinner, not that we had to do much wandering. We knew what we wanted. We went straight to South Wharf, which has a row of stores in small cottage-like buildings, the first of which is Dokkim. (No link because Dokkim has no website, yet, but the proprietor, Dok Kim, told us he will have one soon, a very basic one.) Dokkim sells only one item: bags. Straw bags with leather. And they’re great. We discovered them last year, bought one, and returned this year for more. I’d put up a photo, which you can find by searching Dokkim in google images, but the photos do not do the bags justice, so I’ll leave them to your imagination. It’s also great fun to chat with Mr. Kim and listen to his philosophy on fine craftsmanship, on details, on how the maker should know more about the product than the customer, should know what quality really is, the point being that what the customer wants may be at odds with quality, which should not be compromised, the customer’s wishes notwithstanding.

After spending half an hour with Mr. Kim, we walked a hundred yards north to the start of Straight Wharf, where sits the namesake Straight Wharf Restaurant. Despite walking past many times in recent years, we had not dined there before tonight.

Unfortunately, the current online dinner menu is missing several items that we ordered. We shared two appetizers, of which only one is listed, the salad of three basils: baby spinach, pickled lemon & marcona almonds. Complementing that was the watermelon gazpacho, and what a great pair they were. Fresh and refreshing. For our main course, we both chose wood-grilled swordfish: baby beets & their greens, caper aioli & lemon. A delight. And the desserts were perfect, but neither is listed. Gail had a galette, but not the one listed online. It was peach galette with blueberries and buttermilk ice cream. I had a chocolate almond cake which was really something like the traditional seven-layer cakes of New York delis, only far better. It was a small piece, sharing the plate with a delicious ice cream that looked just like Gail’s so was presumably buttermilk as well. Oh, also, to start, we were served a bluefish paté with a thin melba-like toast for spreading.

I can hardly imagine a more satisfying meal, made for the most part with fresh local ingredients.

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