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I have mentioned in recent posts that we’re in Nantucket now, staying in Wauwinet, at the southern end of the small sliver of duneland that heads north for miles to Great Point, with Nantucket Harbor to one side and the Atlantic to the other. (Farther north, our sliver divides the Atlantic from Nantucket Sound, the open water between Nantucket and Cape Cod.) As also explained, our inn faces the quiet waters of the harbor, but it’s only a short walk up a tiny dune ridge and down to the beach and the ocean.

Late yesterday afternoon, just after high tide, I made the short walk, then headed up the beach a ways. There are maybe 20 houses to the north of the inn, after which the remaining miles of beach and dune are protected and there is no development. Equipped only with my iPhone, I took several photos to the north, and out over the ocean eastwards, but they are all way too dark. The one light photo can be seen above. I took it on returning to the inn, at the dune’s ridgeline, facing roughly south-southeast. You can see some of the homes neighboring the inn, which is about 200 feet off to the southwest. Beyond and blocked by the homes, some 6 miles south, is famed Sankaty Head Lighthouse in ‘Sconset.

We’ll go back later today, maybe at low tide.

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