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An Evening in T5

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Terminal 5 Food Court

Here we are, at JFK’s Terminal 5, JetBlue’s command center. And a great terminal it is, one of my favorites. But even a great terminal isn’t much fun when your flight is delayed over 2 hours. Worse, every screen in the terminal showed us on time, as we worked our way from checking baggage through security to the food court and then restrooms, with unexpected major delays at security and the food court. We turned the corner to our gate, half expecting to walk right on, only to see that we were delayed an hour and a quarter, which an hour later became 2+ hours. Not sure why. Some stormy weather came through as we were driving through Queens to Hertz. I assume that has slowed down flights throughout JFK.

No point complaining, or writing about it, since we’ve all been through it, and it’s never interesting to anyone other than those experiencing it. But it is my blog, isn’t it, so complain I will. What was most frustrating was our discovery that we couldn’t get on to JetBlue’s free wifi, couldn’t complete calls on our AT&T phones, and couldn’t use our 3G data plans on our phones. Everything was dead.

As you can see, that finally changed. We still can’t make calls, 3G isn’t working, AT&T is completely screwed up, but JetBlue wifi is up again.

What can I write about that’s actually interesting? Let’s see. Coming attractions, if I get to them:

1. Driving around Nantucket. My last post described in agonizing detail how we spent Thursday on Nantucket. Friday, for the first time in our Nantucket visits, we rented a car. It was a 24-hour rental, timed so we could use the car to get to the airport and drop it off as our 24 hours expired. We had it delivered to our inn, then headed off to Madaket, on the western end of the island. But more on that, and on what followed, in a separate post.

2. Last day in Nantucket. That would be yesterday. We had a final morning at the inn, then drove into town, had lunch, visited a couple of stores, then headed to the airport, with a stop at Surfside beach. Maybe this isn’t worth a post of its own.

3. 24 hours on Long Island. Again, maybe not worth a post. Family, good food, bad weather today.

4. A Short History of Women. I mentioned this novel by Kate Walbert in a post earlier in the week. Now I’m reading it, and it’s beautiful. Understated, ironic, painful, humorous. Each chapter focuses on a particular woman among five generations, with only three featured at the point that I’ve reached in the book. (I’m about 2/5 through the book.) There’s the woman from whom everyone else is descended, her daughter, and her son’s daughter, the first appearing in 1898 and 1914, the second during WWI and just beyond, the third in the last decade, when she is a grandmother. You could say the book is about women who are tired of putting up with s— from men, if I may vastly simplify. I’ll say more after I finish it.

5. Federer vs. Djokovic. I doubt I’ll actually write a post about this, but we did watch much of the fifth set of their US Open semi-final meeting before going out last night to meet my brother and his family for dinner.

6. Terminal 5 Food Court, pictured above. I have a little story to tell about ordering our dinner at the Boar’s Head counter, which you can see. They have a crazy new automated system that doesn’t work too well. There’s something to be said for the old-fashioned way of just telling someone behind a counter what you want.

Lots more, if I have the time this week, but I may not. I just hope I get some sleep tonight. See you at the other end.

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