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Two days ago, Joel asked me why I chose “org” as the suffix for my blog URL — ronsview.org — when I started it two years ago. Why not ronsview.com? I said I viewed “com” as suitable for commercial companies. He countered that I’m not an organization. Well, yes, that’s true, I admitted. Maybe I should have chosen “net”. I don’t know that there really is an appropriate choice. Maybe “ro”, the suffix for Romania, since it’s the start of the blog name.

Joel next questioned my choice of blog name altogether. His proposal: boringoldwhiteman.com. I have decided to create a poll allowing you, my readers, to tell me which name you prefer. In fact, I have created the poll. I just can’t figure out how to embed it in this post or have it show on my blog’s front page. I’m working on it. If it ever shows up, feel free to vote. See below.

One more thing. I’ve grabbed the URL ronsview.net and linked it to ronsview.org. If you can’t remember my URL and type “net” instead of “org”, you’ll still be taken to my blog.

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