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Sara Smile Addendum

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Last night, I wrote about my discovery of Daryl Hall’s web show Live From Daryl’s House, giving special attention to episode 9, in which Daryl and his friends play Sara Smile with Monte Montgomery. Included in the post is an embedded youtube video of the Sara Smile performance, though you can see much more by going to the Live From Daryl’s House website.

Near the end of my post, I mentioned that my first priority as part of my remedial catching up with Live From Daryl’s House was to check out episode 22, with special guest Smokey Robinson. When I said that, I had no idea that episode 22 features yet another performance of Sara Smile, with Smokey and Daryl sharing vocals. You can follow this link straight to the episode, then go down the menu and click on Sara Smile. You’ll be rewarded with a conversation over lunch in which Smokey talks about song-writing, followed by the Sara Smile performance, which segues into a performance of Ooh Baby Baby.

The embedded youtube video above contains the songs, but not the conversation. I suggest you watch it all. If you love Smokey, you won’t want to miss it.

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