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Blog Anniversary

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s September 21. You know what that means! I started this blog two years ago tonight. It was a Sunday. We had spent the afternoon watching the third and concluding day of the 37th Ryder Cup golf competition, between the US and Europe, held that year at Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky and won by the US.

My first post was called exactly that, and said, in its entirety, “Welcome to my new blog. I’m not sure what shape it will take yet. I will be experimenting for a while.” My second post was about the Ryder Cup. If I were writing it now, I surely would have said a lot more. Or been so intimidated by all that happened that I would have said nothing at all. What I did say was:

I can’t believe we have to wait two years for another Ryder Cup. There’s nothing like the final day, with 12 simultaneous matches, in match play format, and the possibility of wide swings in the team scoring from minute to minute. In medal play, you can usually have a pretty good idea of what’s happening all over the course on the final day, as the networks are good at switching around from hole to hole to cover all the contenders. But that’s just the point — everyone’s a contender in the team match play format, because everyone has a chance to earn a point, or a half point. It produces an entirely different kind of excitement than what one has on the final day of a major. I wouldn’t say better, though that’s what the commentators are always saying or implying, and what seem to want the players to say in the interviews. Just a very different experience, and one worth savoring.

See you in Wales in two years.

Now two years have come and gone. Which means, it’s time for another Ryder Cup! Number 38, held at Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales. Normally the competition is held in late September, which would make it this week, but for reasons that no one has explained to me, it will instead take place next week. No doubt I’ll have something to say about it then, but I wish it were now so I could celebrate the blog’s second anniversary with a Ryder Cup post.

And what was my third post? Maybe the less said about that the better. It was titled, and about, Sarah Palin, and was only the first of what turned out to be many posts about her that fall. I have pretty much given up writing about her. Not for lack of things to say, but largely because I have trouble controlling my emotions on the subject, and almost anything I would wish to say is said better elsewhere.

What has most surprised me about the shape the blog has taken is how often I am tempted to write, and do write, on political matters, despite having no particular expertise. But then, I seem to have chosen as my principal topics only those about which I have no particular expertise. The subjects are largely disjoint from my professional life. Then again, it’s not clear what expertise I have on matters in my professional life either. Maybe that’s the point. If I’m going to say something silly, it may as well be on a topic I’m not expected to know anything about.

Here I am writing when I should be celebrating. Champagne and dancing await. The night is young. So long. And thanks for reading.

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