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Mariners Make Moves

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Jack Cust

[Elaine Thompson, AP]

And here I was afraid the Mariners would stand pat over the winter rather than making the bold moves that will get us back to respectability after our 61 win, 101 loss 2010 season. Boy was I wrong. In the last 24 hours, we’ve signed Jack Cust and Miguel Olivo.

Okay, Cust and Olivo aren’t Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford (just signed by the Red Sox), but the Mariners don’t have Red Sox kind of money. We must be content with a little less.

I know. This sarcasm isn’t becoming. But I don’t know how else to react. How excited am I supposed to be? A year ago, we were coming off an unexpectedly successful 85-77 season, and then we signed Cliff Lee. Anything seemed possible. This of course turned out to be an illusion. We didn’t address the holes in our lineup, and we paid for it with a historically low-scoring team. The thing is, are Cust and Olivo the answer? Every little bit helps, but Cust and Olivo will both be 32 when the season starts. Their best seasons may be behind them.

I’ll be patient. These may just be the first steps in a broader plan. Still, it’s a lot more fun this week being a Red Sox fan.

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