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Milestone, II

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

A year ago tonight I wrote a post about my car, on the eve of its 3rd birthday. As I noted then, “I know that this is of no interest to anyone else, but here goes.” The point of last year’s post was to calculate my annual, monthly, and daily car use over its first three years. The odometer read 11,640, meaning I had averaged 3880 miles per year, or 323 1/3 miles per month. However, as I pointed out, I made a round trip to Vancouver, BC in the car’s first month, and two more after that, all on university business at the University of British Columbia, so subtracting the resulting 900 miles or so to determine my personal car use, I found that I had “done 10,740 miles of driving over three years, or 3580 per year, or 298 1/3 miles per month.” Rounding up to 300 miles per month, I found that I drove about 10 miles per day.

Here we are, a year later, on the eve of the car’s fourth birthday. What’s the latest odometer reading? 14,908. (The pity is, Gail used the car just three nights ago to pick someone up at the airport and then drive a ways north of Seattle, adding about 80 miles to the reading. If only she could have waited until tomorrow.) I have driven the car 3268 miles this year, for an average of only 272 1/3 miles per month, or a fraction over 9 miles a day. Averaging over the car’s four years, I have driven 3727 miles per year, or about 310 1/2 miles per month, or about 10 1/3 miles a day. If I deduct the 900 miles of driving to Vancouver and back, I bring the daily average over four years down to about 9 3/4 miles.

I’m clearly a candidate for an electric car. It will be a rare day when I have to worry about using up the charge.

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